Monday, March 24, 2014

Our #Disneyside Party: A Preschool Playdate With Our Pals

When our #showyourdisneyside box arrived on our doorstep my daughter was so excited! She loves hearing the doorbell ring & getting packages almost as much as she enjoys going to the Disney Parks. No surprise that she was wearing her Princess Sofia dress and having a tea party with her Disney princess dolls when the UPS man stopped by. She was thrilled to discover that this box contained some stuff for her!
Once the box arrived our party planning began. Originally we were planning on having a playdate at the park with lots of friends but unfortunately the cold and rainy weather foiled our plans. We eventually ended up having a smaller scale party at our home.
Since most of the party guests were toddlers and preschoolers we decided to use the theme Preschool Playdate With our Pals, the pals being both my daughter's friends and their favorite stuffed characters. Everyone was invited to dress in Disney attire & bring their favorite Disney stuffed animals and/or princess dolls along. My daughter had plenty of extras to share for anyone who forgot!
Because our guests were so young I kept our party very simple. When the guests arrived they were invited to visit a craft table with coloring sheets, t-shirts to decorate, and the run Disney posters for them to color on. Disney Jr music was blaring in the background.
When they were finished with the crafts the kids moved on to my daughter's collection of Disney themed Fisher Price little people for playtime. Everyone loved the princess castle!
Finally it was time for lunch. My daughter and I had made several different types of sandwiches using the Mickey cookie cutters in our kit and our Mickey Mouse sandwich press. We added Mickey shaped pretzels, Mickey dried apple slices, craisins, and Disney themed fruit snacks as the sides. We had tiny sandwiches for the toddlers and their stuffed friends.
After lunch was over the kids sat and watched the latest episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Their attention span only lasted the duration of the show so we followed that up by setting out a bunch of treats and having the adults help them decorate Mickey Mouse themed cupcakes. This was a huge hit amongst everyone!
When dessert was over we wrapped up the party by playing several of my daughter's Disney themed games. The favorite was Mickey-Mouse-Ka-Tag because it really got everyone up and moving. If you have a toddler or preschooler I highly recommend it! It was lots of fun and simple enough for even the two year olds.
All that game playing tired the little ones out, so it was time to head home for naps. Instead of giving away prizes to the little ones everyone left with a goody bag full of treats. We had a great time at our Preschool Playdate with our Pals and are so happy we were selected to host a #showyourdisney side party!